Sorry, No Saturday Posts Here

When I first started posting on this blog and trying to grow this page, I just jumped in thinking that I could easily maintain at least a 3 times a week kind of schedule. In trying to get back into the swing of things and in order to spend more time in creating new work, I’ve been seriously re-evaluating this…

I have found that pushing for more than 2 posts a week is just not working for me, at least, not right now. When I have more content to show you, whether that’s featuring an artist, a project that I’m working on or a special announcement, then I’ll break schedule and add an additional post during that week…

Right now, my time will be in focusing on completing the much needed site construction, commissions and growing my web presence. I’ll definitely admit to the Gallery being anemic as 2016 was unkind, so many works cannot be rephotographed in better lighting, as they no longer exist. I’ve maintained old works in progress and finished pieces on my personal Facebook page, but they are not fit to be featured here. (Blurry pic, bad lighting, etc.)

2017 is pretty much a clean slate for me to start fresh with creating new works and building my portfolio over. I can tell you from personal experience, don’t wait to get proper scans or photos done of your work! I will not make the same mistake again!

I’ve also realized that, even though I’ve been creating as long as I can recall, that I haven’t quiet figured out my “voice”. That came up while I was researching something to feature for yesterday. I’m not sure what I want to say and who my audience is specifically. These will certainly take shape during this year as this site, my logo and portfolio build.

What helped you decide your voice? Or, when did you notice you had a voice? Some good reflection for us all… until next time! Stay tuned for White in Watercolor, part 2: Mediums

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