Tech Tuesday: White in Watercolor

So, I’ll admit to an immediate hitch in my blog scheduling for 2017 already… New Year’s eve into New Year’s day may have been celebrated too much and I find that my stomach is still recovering. Some double strength coffee at work may have had a hand in this. (John, you poisoned me! 😉

I don’t want to lose complete track of my post scheduling, so I’m putting this up as a placeholder for the more fleshed out post that will be appearing tomorrow.

Using white in watercolor encompasses quite a few techniques when it comes to painting. This won’t be a be-all-end-all article, but should be a good start towards including basics that you can use, or that you may be able to deduce while looking at a finished work. Just the first couple that come to mind include preserving the white of the paper and using white mediums in the painting process.

Generally, the first suggestion is to preserve the white of the paper is avoidance; by painting around the areas you wish to remain white. You can also try using a masking substance like; masking fluid (specially formulated latex), masking tape, stencils or wax.

That’s just a “quick hit” of where the rest of this article is going. Tune in tomorrow for more.

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