Thoughtful Thursday- Distractions & PearlEx & Portraits, oh my!

WARNING: I know that this will be a slightly random stream of consciousness type of post, so I apologize in advance and thank you for being my therapist!

I find myself coming into this first post in 2017 for Thoughtful Thursday has had me puzzling out what I wanted to say. I wanted to bring you some light and inspiration, yet I’ve looked through quotes and nothing seems to be speaking to me right now.

To be honest, I’m distracted with a recent gift of a PearlEx pigment set that I’ve been dying to use, but as my current focus for a medium is watercolor, it’s incomplete. This is not a statement to cheapen this gift, but… it’s reality, honesty. For use with watercolor, pigments need a binding agent to secure pigment to the page or else it’s just pretty dust to blow away…

Distractions & PearlEx & Portraits, oh my!

PearlEx pigment can likely be mixed into some of the Derwent Inktense pencil lead to make a paint, which could be an interesting experiment. (If I do this, I’ll let you know my results) But I hesitate while I’m trying to complete a 6 portrait series. And the portrait series is just waiting in the wings while I struggle with my mind wanting to complete two creative things.

The main thing, I want to be sure that I’m not placing projects aside and procrastinating. I was terrible with grade school reports and don’t want procrastination seeping everywhere into my adult life. Pair this with an empty tank after being at work and everything else, I wonder how anything gets done.

I’m sure some of you creatives out there have had this same feeling, so many feelings pulling in different directions and instead, you just run around in circles, or worse, just sit there and not accomplish your goal.

This week, I challenge myself and yourself to sit back, clear through the daily mental clutter and figure out ONE GOAL for this month. Let’s make something happen! Are you with me?

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