Thoughtful Thursday: Productivity

Thanks for joining me today!

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday had me thinking about productivity. I’m currently reading “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and so far it’s been an easy to read, no nonsense format with a relatable voice from the author. I’m looking forward to finishing it up next week! šŸ™‚

While reading though, this quote just jumped out and grabbed me. I actually couldn’t wait to jot it down, so I made this draft post on the spot while at work:

Productivity is driven by purpose and priority -Gary Keller

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So with this quote and my progress so far this year, I am endeavoring to show you my purpose and priority. It’s not always easy to get to focus on my creative work, I know that I’m still building.

This year, big things are coming! I’ve made a list of a few watercolor series that I would like to complete. (I’ll have to leave many for next year, there’s just so many ideas!) My plan for this year is to produce at least one calendar for 2018, but I’m not announcing more projects until I’ve worked out a couple bugs in other thingsĀ that are in the works.

Also, I’m making baby steps to have my work area functioning and more time from my day-to-day schedule dedicated to you for this site to grow.

“Productivity is driven by purpose and priority.” – Gary Keller

I’ve refrained from calling anything for this year a New Year’s resolution. I find that so many people set these goals just to have heartbreak and feel they’ve let themselves down. I’ve got my friends, family and you relying on me, these plans and ideas are far beyond just a New Year’s resolution, don’t you think?

Let me know what you think… Do you have resolutions for this year? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on productivity and this quote? Until next time, be well.

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