Thoughtful Thursday: Where do you want to go?

So, in wrapping up the epic series of doing White in Watercolor, I feel kinda accomplished because that was a push beyond what I’ve been writing on the blog so far. But I’m also feeling like, “where do I go now?”

Alice and Cheshire quotes

In reading “The ONE Thing” and “Will it Fly?”, I’m working through finding where my focus is. This site is like clay, it’s just a blob waiting to be worked into something wonderful.

*I’m actually still reading both books to thoroughly complete the thought experiments and working through the worksheets/questions

I’m currently reevaluating everything for this site, like a top-to-bottom, complete overhaul. I will still keep posting as much as possible while I’m structuring my plans and taking action this year. My goals to accomplish for 2017 are; a complete site overhaul (including a logo update), a calendar full of original watercolor images and 1,000 blog/site subscribers.

I apologize for this posting being brief, there’s so much more to come!