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Tech Tuesday: White in Watercolor, but wait, there’s more!

If you’re new to the site… Welcome in! And for those who are not new… Great to see you again! Let’s get started… If you’re surprised at there being another part in this series, buckle in, so am I! As I kept at writing, thinking back to techniques I’ve done and researching other ways to […]

Tech Tuesday: White in Watercolor, part 3: Manipulation

Thanks for joining us for part 3 of our 3 part series on using White in Watercolor! Now, on to the good stuff… -Manipulating the Paper- In the process of researching all of the ways to manipulating a painting to recover the paper surface, I realized that this broke down into two states of paint (wet […]

Tech Tuesday REBOOT: White in Watercolor, part 1: Preservation

My theory last week was sound… Turns out that my stomach upset left me wide open to a cold bug. I spent three days in bed getting over the worst of it. I did manage to add some of the content below for the original post’s draft, but I just didn’t have the heart to […]

Tech Tuesday: White in Watercolor

So, I’ll admit to an immediate hitch in my blog scheduling for 2017 already… New Year’s eve into New Year’s day may have been celebrated too much and I find that my stomach is still recovering. Some double strength coffee at work may have had a hand in this. (John, you poisoned me! 😉 I […]

A very late Tech Tuesday

Hi there! I’m feeling a bit like the White Rabbit this week as everything seems to be running later than I’d like, but I’m working hard to counter this trend and get back on track. In the meantime, I’m still planning on keeping our posts as active and engaging as ever. 🙂 This week’s Tech […]

Technical Disaster Tuesday

Still being new to this area, and having not moved our stuff from storage until we get settled, I have been without a printer for a few months. I was able to make do with going to the library for some copies, but needed to have color available for my new project. (I’ll announce more […]

Toothache Tuesday & An Inspirational Quote

I was in bed most of the past two days trying to sleep through a wonderful toothache. (I hope you sense the sarcasm in “wonderful”.) It’s a molar long overdue for a root canal, and honestly, at this point, may be beyond saving. I’m currently awaiting dental insurance, so I pretty much only function while […]

The Sound and The Fury

Well, this is embarrassing! I hopped on to work on today’s post, only to find that I saved Tuesday’s as a draft! So I’ll work on today’s and schedule it to post tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy Tuesday’s post: Welcome back for another Tech Tuesday! This week’s Tech Tuesday is featuring technology that I wouldn’t […]

The First Tech Tuesday!

Yay! It’s our first Tech Tuesday! I really wanted to spend some time on this one and bring you something interesting, however, I still find myself running a little behind with daily life and the blog. My system still isn’t perfect, nor is it a full routine, but I’m getting there and I’m willing to […]