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Tech Tuesday: White in Watercolor, part 3: Manipulation

Thanks for joining us for part 3 of our 3 part series on using White in Watercolor!┬áNow, on to the good stuff… -Manipulating the Paper- In the process of researching all of the ways to manipulating a painting to recover the paper surface, I realized that this broke down into two states of paint (wet […]

Toothache Tuesday & An Inspirational Quote

I was in bed most of the past two days trying to sleep through a wonderful toothache. (I hope you sense the sarcasm in “wonderful”.) It’s a molar long overdue for a root canal, and honestly, at this point, may be beyond saving. I’m currently awaiting dental insurance, so I pretty much only function while […]

Don’t Dream It, Be It!

After a minor embarrassment on Tuesday’s post, I think I may have been a little too influenced by last Thursday’s quote, regarding mistakes, from Neil Gaiman. But hey, blogging for me is still new and I’m learning. I’m more used to posting on Pinterest and managing Facebook comments from my freelance work. Which I am […]