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Thoughtful Thursday: Productivity

Thanks for joining me today! Today’s Thoughtful Thursday had me thinking about productivity. I’m currently reading “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and so far it’s been an easy to read, no nonsense format with a relatable voice from the author. I’m looking forward to finishing it up next week! 🙂 While reading though, this […]

Silent Saturday

So, at this point I’m a little disappointed in myself. I intended to have time to work on this post yesterday, but was held off due to family obligations. I do put a strong emphasis on family in my life, so I have no apologies in spending time with them. 🙂 I hope you feel […]

Not Quite Saturday

Hi there! Sorry if you expected to see a post yesterday. I was keeping up with another project that needed to be finished then. So some of my posts may be put off by my full work schedule, but I’ll try to have at least a quick post up for those days moving forward. I’m […]